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Following the lead from local councils, on the 1st of May 2019 the UK parliament unamimously approved a non-binding motion to declare a Climate Emergency (CE) and called upon government to focus on making strides towards reaching net zero emissions; setting more ambitious targets to achieve this.

Since then more local authorities have joined the fight, declaring their own local CE. In total 265 (65%) councils have declared a Climate Emergency including Arlen Hill.

Watch this short video to find out more about national government policy -

Arlen Hill have ambitious plans to be ‘zero carbon’ by 2030 but to achieve this we need your help!

The emissions from carbon as well as the environmental impact from other pollutants are contributing to a global climate emergency. It’s not too late to act, but we need to act now, and work together to make a substantial reduction to our impact on the environment.

If we’re to reach zero carbon by 2030 then collectively we need to make significant changes to how we all live our lives; opting for greener, environmentally friendly and lower carbon emitting alternatives to our current choices.

In this Simulator you’ll be presented with a number of options which reflect choices we could make to contribute to reducing our carbon emissions as well as our impact on the environment.

You’ll be given 75 points and you’ll need to allocate these to the options you consider most important to you in order to complete the challenge. You’ll also have the option to earn points which can be further allocated to your priorities.

Your response will help Arlen Hill Council better inform the decisions we make in the future which will affect the lives of all citizens.

Good luck!

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